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Archetype Pre-releases 2021 Bottle Club Memberships

2021 Archetype Brewing Bottle Club

Archetype Brewing announces that their bottled beers through the 2021 Bottle Club can be delivered to any member living outside of the Asheville area. Local pickup from either Archetype location remains available to Greater Asheville Area residents.

Archetype has been delivering locally since the early days of the Pandemic with partners like Owl Bakery, Takeout Central and most recently Flashcat Couriers. Now, you don’t have to be local to regularly enjoy the coveted brews developed at Archetype. While adapting to the changing industry landscape, Archetype maintains their commitment to quality and consistency while fulfilling committed releases to the 55 members of their third annual 2020 Bottle Club. Furthermore, Archetype Brewing confidently releases the pre-sale of Bottle Club 2021 memberships this month. The tradition of delivering complex, mindful living beer to fans expands to broader horizons once again.

Despite the challenging market conditions related to COVID-19, Asheville’s only female head brewer, Erin Jordan of Archetype, continues to lead a strong brew team developing unique, consistently drinkable,  true-to-style beers. Those bottled in 2021, from the Third Way Barrel Program, award winning returns (like Sage, Voyager and Walk The Earth,) and other special bottled beers, will be part of the 2021 Bottle Club, and can be shipped to all members outside of the Asheville region across North Carolina.

“Navigating the pandemic has certainly been an “interesting” adventure.  For so many of us, COVID has presented challenges and opportunities we never thought possible and the beer industry has been forced to pause and refocus to survive.  Here at Archetype, this unusual circumstance has given us an unprecedented opportunity to pivot and reinvent ourselves while fine tuning our existing processes.  We’ve been intentional about recreating our third way barrel program for example. With each year we continue to learn and grow our capabilities as a team.  We strive to always push ourselves further, asking every day, “how can we do it better”.  As a result, it’s only fitting to share the fruit of our labors with our greatest Fanclub, The Bottle Club.  Members in 2021 will now have the opportunity to experience not just our barrel aged beers, but all bottles we put our heart and soul into.” Erin Jordan, Head Brewer, Archetype Brewing

Members of the Bottle Club, will have the unique opportunity to peek behind the curtain, get personal insights into the brewers thought processes, recipe development, and discover the beers personality from the brewers point of view.  Club members will also have the opportunity to participate in this experience from the comfort of their home. Historically limited to local memberships, expanded offerings makes this experience the perfect Holiday gift for a loved one out of town. Out of state members are also welcome, if they can arrange for local pickup or NC shipping. Many members of the past have allowed their free bottle to continue aging, and purchased a second bottle to enjoy right away – the discounts on additional bottles make that an attractive option for a real enthusiast.

Beer connoisseurs and the more casual fan alike can access this exclusive elevated beer experience. Read more at the store on and then email [email protected] to sign up for the 2021 Bottle Club. Space is limited. Memberships will be available until Jan 31st. Pre-sale rates of $150 are available until Nov 15th. Till December 31st, $175 and then $200 memberships until Jan 31st. Out of state members welcome, but with restrictions.

Membership includes 8 bottle releases, 20% discount on all merchandise and additional Bottle Club release purchases, exclusive access to two “Tasting with the Brewer,” a one of a kind custom bottle club 2021 t-shirt and a custom bottle club 2021 glass! This makes the perfect Holiday gift for the person who already has everything.