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Archetype Beer Club Logo
🚨BIG NEWS🚨: Our new Beer Club is launching in January of 2022. Want to know the details? Read below! 👇 Ready to sign up? Scroll down to get started!
Join Archetype’s new beer club today for exclusive member benefits:
  • Club Members have a tap reserved for them in the taproom where all your favorite and exclusive Archetype beer flows before anyone else has access to it OR something brewed exclusively for members.
  • Quarterly, Archetype will host Club exclusive events on Fridays or Saturdays at the Tap Lounge in Downtown or on the rooftop at Haywood.
  • Once a year on July 26th, Archetype will close the doors to the public and host an all night rager to celebrate the birth of our favorite archetypical hero, Carl Jung.
  • Club members will also receive exclusive merch upon signing up with their individual Club number: a members only hat made individually for each member!
  • Club members receive 20% off of all non-exclusive merchandise.
  • Since you are in the club and such a fangirl of Uncle Carl, you will have input on future beer styles, names, have the chance to name new barrels in the WAVL taproom, join us for canning days, participate in brewing beer with our production crew, regular beer tastings with our Head Brewer and Archetype staff, help write the messages that’s printed on the bottom of cans, and/or so much more as we think of more and gain input from Archetype’s biggest fans.
  • Participate in Canning Days and take home a freshly canned four pack.
  • First access to ticketed Archetype events.
  • Donation made in your name from Archetype to the current N0H8 non-profit partner.
  • Reserved seating for special or weekly events upon request.
  • Additionally, (can you believe there’s more?!) Club members receive the already mentioned 20% off merch, but also receive a 30% discount on ONE private event during our slower months OR a 15% discount in our busier months.
  • And as a special appreciation of your incredible love for Archetype, Club Members receive random giveaways of cans, crowlers, and bottles at the discretion of the brewery.
  • Memberships are accepted on a rolling basis and last for one year from signup. Club discounts cannot be applied together with other discount codes. Benefits begin January 1st, 2022.
You get all of the above for the price of $175.
Questions? email [email protected] for more information.

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to sign up: here are the steps to do just that 👇

1. Download the Indulj app. Apple users click here. Android users click here.
2. From that link, sign up for Indulj.
3. Set up your profile. Let us know what you like and what you LOVE. This helps us to know what you all want and to push specific promos to people who like specific things. (For instance, we could push some free dark beer to dark beer lovers!)
4. Find Archetype from the list of breweries around Asheville and click on it.
5. From the four tabs at the top, choose “Clubs.”
6. Click on “Archetype | Beer Club”
7. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and you’ll see a way to pay right there.
8. Pay. Yay! You’re in the club!
9. Take a photo of yourself when prompted. Photos of your face are required to verify your membership. First and last names are also required.
10. In the Archetype section of the app, please click on the tab “Your Data.” We would love for you to share your data with us. All we get are your preferences and feedback! Without sharing your data, we don’t receive either.
11. Lastly, everything that happens in this club will happen inside the “Promos” tab. Check it out! You have one promo active right now that you can use to get a free shirt until 12/31. Just come to Archetype – West, find a short sleeve logo t-shirt, bring it to the register, and show them that promo. You should NOT push the redeem button until a staff member at the register can see you push the redeem button.
12. When it comes to promos, it’s important to read the description in them. Sometimes you will redeem a promo without being in the taproom, and sometimes you have to redeem in front of a staff member. I know reading is hard, but if you’ve made it this far in the email, I believe you can do it!
13. That’s it! Remember that this club begins on 1/1/2022, so after you’ve signed up, the only promo you can redeem is for the free logo t-shirt. That promo expires at 11:59 PM on 12/31/2021.
If you already signed up: Wow! You are on it. Good job! Go back and check out your member number, because it has changed since you signed up. That’s the number that will be embroidered on your exclusive member hat. Expect those hats to be ready by mid-January! If you haven’t already shared your date with us, check out step 10 above to do that. You’ll be happy you did!
If you have questions or want to learn more: email Drew at [email protected] or reply to this email. I am happy to help!