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2-Year Farmhouse

Barrel-Aged Farmhouse with Seyval Blanc Grapes • 8.9%

It’s the best way to end our first year of barrel-aging. We’re calling it a farmhouse because it’s a blend of Belgian Blond and saison, brewed right when we first opened, 2 years ago, aging for 24 months. When we pulled it out of the barrels, we added 1 Lb of Seyval Blanc grapes per gallon of beer (read: A LOT of grapes) to let it re-ferment. The beer is rich and complex, as you’d expect, with vinous notes of white wine, grapes, and beautiful floral. The grape varietal characteristics shine too, with tropical pineapple and stonefruit. Slight Brettanomyces “funk”, but not sour, with velvety smooth complexity you can only get out of a beer that’s been pampered and loved for two years.

Archetype The Sage