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Our Story

In 2016 the East-West corridor of West Asheville was beginning to develop, along with our idea for a brewery. We imagined a brewery that would brew beers that are experimental and funky, reflecting the neighborhood culture. Beers that would push the boundaries of style, and utilize inspiration from local flavor and ingredients. A space that would provide a social hub for the vibrant neighborhood of West Asheville.


We built this brewery to showcase the flavor of Asheville through the use of local ingredients, dynamic events, and constant experimentation. Everything from delicate barrel-aged saisons and Belgian strong ales, to well-crafted pilsners and clean IPAs. We brew what we want to drink.

Our West Asheville taproom and production facility remains in constant motion, as the hub of all of our brewing operations and the source for lively, regular events. In February of 2019, we opened a second taproom and event space in Downtown Asheville with an emphasis on unique events and a more intimate place to gather and enjoy our barrel-aged beers.

Why Archetype?

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, and is the mind behind several of the most widely known and utilized psychological concepts. One of those concepts is the Archetypal Phenomena, with which Jung proposes that all human behavior can be deduced to 12 archaic, universal patterns manifesting from the collective unconscious. These patterns are represented by characters in story, myth, religion, and dream. Put simply, they're projections of the wonders of our shared existence. Amelia Earhart can represent the Explorer archetype; Leonardo Da Vinci, the Creator; Loki, the Trickster; Albus Dumbledore, the Sage.


At Archetype, the four main ingredients in our beer (grain, hops, yeast and water) are mindfully combined to bring out its own personality and behavior, which in turn allows it to take on the qualities of Jung’s archetypes. The characteristics give it life, identity and complexity, whether it’s a smooth, creamy stout, or an unpredictable, mixed-culture saison. But, when it comes down to it, our beer ends up in your hands. You be the judge. Which archetype does the beer evoke? Which archetype are you? Take our quiz and find out!

What's your Archetype?

Meet The Team

About About

Brad Casanova


The Hero

Corina says, “At his core, Brad seeks to leave the world a better place than it was when he arrived. As a scientist, he seeks to create and support methodical and reliable systems. As a cerebral beverage enthusiast and supporter of all things craft, co-founding and leading a company like Archetype is a natural extension of himself – one of many-a-vessel to leave a mark, a legacy, create opportunity, impact his community, and above all, deliver consistent quality : thanks to a team he holds in high regard.”

About About

Corina Casanova


The Caregiver

Drew says, “Oh to be known and loved by someone as wonderful as Corina! Sure she has incredible style, a sexy accent, and a thousand creative ideas. But what really sets our Co-Owner apart is how much she cares for each member of our staff. She is mom to us all and has a heart bigger than her minivan.”

About About

Gaines Myer

Chief Operations Officer

The Lover

Brad says, “I am thrilled to bring Gaines into the Archetype family. We’ve worked together on the board of the Asheville Brewers Alliance for the last few years, so I’ve seen him in action first hand. He’s a skilled leader and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. He’s also just a great guy to know and be around, and that was a huge factor in bringing him in as a Chief Operating Officer. I trust him taking the reins with my Archetype family and look forward to seeing him lead us in the coming years.”

About About

Will Sargent

Taproom Manager + Deliveries

The Dreamer

Erin says, “I’ll shout it from the heavens…Will is amazeballs, yes amazeballs. If you’re lucky enough to know him, then you know what I’m talking about. I could give a litany of all his admirable qualities (and yes ladies, he’s one hell of an eligible bachelor), but I’d rather say he’s my brother from another mother, the ham to my Swiss, and one of my greatest friends and coworkers. If you’re not on this love train then hop on, you won’t regret it!”

About About

Sean Felosa

Head Brewer

The Magician

Gaines says, “Sean is the man; I am so thrilled that he joined the A-Team. He has taken our ethos of mindful, complex, living beer to a whole other level. Not only a bad ass on the brew deck, but he is also a hell of a guy to hang out with. I am looking forward to years working with him and drinking all these amazing beers he and the brew team are producing.

About About

Carrie-Ann Bentham

Hospitality Director

The Innocent

Erin says, “Thank the heavens for the wonderful magical unicorn that is you! You are a true BAMF, supreme LADY BOSS, and above all great friend! Work days are hard enough but they’d be miserable without you. You keep me sane, keep me laughing and give me the support and love I need. Let’s rule the world together!”

About About

Hunter Sims

Director of Sales


Gaines says, “The man, the myth, the legend, Hunter. What makes a great salesperson? Knowledge of our brand and a passion for it? Check. Rugged good looks? Check. Great personality and likeability? Check. What doesn’t this guy have? Hell, if I know! I am so grateful to have Hunter out in the market representing our brand.”

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