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Complex, Mindful, Living beer

Our process, inspired by Belgian brewing practices, is free-form and relies on constant experimentation. We use an array of ingredients, with a commitment to supporting local suppliers as often as possible, to make truly unique beers.


Complexity is the soul of beer, and it’s an art form. It can be found in clean, balanced lagers, as well as funky farmhouse ales and delicate barrel-aged beers. By experimenting with different yeast strains, aging methods, and ingredients, the search for complexity has defined our brewing philosophy.



Everything we do is deliberate. From the use of as many local ingredients as we can get our hands on, to aging a saison for 2 years before deciding which fruit compliments its flavor profile, our beer pushes style boundaries with purpose. We combine ingredients to showcase their unique strengths, instead of bending them to fit a pre-determined mold.


Yeast experimentation and mixed-culture fermentation allows us to tap into dynamic brewing practices and utilize flavor-expressions otherwise unavailable with traditional brewing ingredients.

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