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No doubt, hosting your event at a brewery has a ‘cool factor’ and we’ve got you covered! 👀 Check out the photos below to get a feel for the vibe. With the backdrop and scent of our stainless steel tanks and fermenters, selfie walls, oak barrels, flexible seating, a large capacity, indoor & covered outdoor areas and a rooftop deck; we can accommodate almost any event. Plus, we love our Barketype pups who are always welcome.
We offer three ways of accommodating your event request.

1. A ‘Semi-Private’ rental of the entire brewery!

- We work together with you or your event planner to ensure your special day, and guests, are a top priority of our team, while always keeping a designated area available to our community customers and regulars. This inclusive approach has proven to work really well! Our space becomes your space; you customize the experience to suit your guests and event. For example, you choose the music (live or playlist,) and what’s on the screens (games, art, slideshows,) what food is serving, lighting, seating arrangements, and so much more. Security deposit for your date, a rental fee and a bar tab are all part of the package deal. Click the button below to inquire & learn more! 👇

2. A ‘Reservation’ booking.

- When you’re quite happy for your guests to mingle with our customers, and the ambiance, music and experience is left up to us; this option works really well. Click the button below to learn more. Let us know how many people you’re expecting and how we can accommodate your group. A bar tab arrangement secures your reservation and can include rental of the rooftop, back patio, or front patio at no additional charge. As always, food is available from our courtyard neighbors Gan Shan & Pizza Mind.

3. “Take my chances” option. 

- We have a few large tables that can accommodate large groups for a night out with your friends. So long as the table isn’t reserved, we’ll be glad to show you and your friends a good time. Where possible, we’re happy to throw on a game on the TV, offer you a selection from our games collection, and do all we can to make your experience a night to remember. Check our socials to see if one of our regular events (live music, trivia, etc) will add to your groups experience.