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Blue Collar Wizard


As part of our rotating nitro offerings, Blue Collar Wizard dry stout will always return each year in the Spring and stick around until early to mid summer when Globe Trotter or Buckingham Malice make their royal entrance.

Like its Archetype; The Everyman, this no frills, no fuss straight forward pub stout served on Nitrogen is a perfect way to end the working day when your hands are dirty and your body is tired. It’s low ABV makes it sessionable. When one pub pint of this smooth velvety stout just doesn’t quite wash away the day the way you’d hoped, it’s quite alright to drink like the Irish with this one.

From the Brew Team: Strong chocolate, tobacco and dark fruit (plum, fig) flavors are followed by roasted notes of earthy stone fruit and coffee. Smooth, with a malty backbone and a dry finish.



Archetype The Everyman