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Cleopatra Complex


A triple-fermented wine barrel-aged mixed-culture peach saison. 14 months in the making, and worth the wait. Primary fermentation was in our stainless steel tanks, then aged in French oak wine barrels for 12 months with Brettanomyces yeast to develop complexity and maturity. Once peach season rolled around, we rounded up the best local peaches we could find, added them to the aged beer and moved the whole batch back into stainless steel tanks to round out the flavor. The ripe peach flavor is in the forefront, and it’s balanced by earthy vanilla, leather, and oak from the barrels. Secondary fruit notes of pineapple, red apple, and strawberry. All of that, with a light, slightly tart finish, makes for a delicate and complex profile reminiscent of an aged white wine

Flavor Profile