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Barrel Aged Saison with Hibiscus • 6.8%

This refreshing, and aromatic saison is ready at the perfect time of the season. This beer is composed of the greatest childhood memories of the end of summer: August BBQs with endless amounts of watermelon and that final summer lap around the neighborhood on your bike as the sun goes down in a white peach sky. Long days of summer giving way to cooler evenings and warm sunshine filled afternoons.

Mild barnyard funk with ripe stone fruit aromatics. Notes of rose, geranium, hay, lime zest, pickled watermelon, watermelon warhead candy, white peach and nectarine, with soft sweet bread and almond malt character. It has a balanced acidity and finishes bone dry. Beautiful to look at, but even better to drink, coming in at 6.8% ABV.

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