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Original Blonde

Belgian Blonde • 6.33%

Like its archetype, The Innocent, a few sips of this easy drinking clean Belgian blonde transports you to a child-like state of mind, taking in the beauty around you free of inhibitions.  It certainly reminds the A-Team of the fearless ambition we all felt on the day we first opened our doors because, this is the first beer we ever made. It’s a classic showcase of a Belgian Blonde and our in-house Belgian yeast strain we call “Uncle G.”
From the brewers: “classic Belgian flavors..phenols (spice), mild esters, slight underripe banana. Very clean and easy to drink. An array of white wine, golden figs, and floral notes showcases our house yeast strain. A soft boozy and grainy finish adds to the complexity of the beer, and it’s bright effervescence makes it a house favorite.”
It’s won a silver medal in 2022 for a Belgian ale. And a bronze same category in another competition the same year.

Uncle-G shines in this classic representation of a Belgian Ale. True to it’s form is the medium-high carbonation keeping this beer bright, clean, and refreshing. A slightly sweet malt character is the foundation to its mild esters and phenol spice complemented by notes of fruit (slight underripe banana).

As one of our ‘Core Beers’ you can always expect this to be available in all three of our taprooms, and around the region! We also can Original Blonde seasonally using the beautiful artwork created by Holden Mesk.

Archetype The Innocent
Flavor Profile