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Rue L’Annee

Originally crafted to "rue the (last) year", it can also mean "road to the year," as in, our way • 6.7%

Well has it been a year? Will the new one bring respite? Either way, you’ll want to “Rue L’Annee” which – depending on your perspective – basically means “rue the year” or “road to the year” (next year). Or both! Having aged two saisons in white wine barrels for 2 years and then blended them, this beer is the sweet, tangy, funky spot you’ve been looking for since the world shut down (and are looking for to reopen the world).

Fruity and tangy on the nose with a light tang on the flavor profile followed by a refreshing wine-like sweetness and palate-cleansing carbonation to finish.

Archetype The Caregiver
Flavor Profile