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Thicc Ricc

American Stout with Vanilla and Cacao NIbs • 7.4%

Introducing: Thicc Ricc, like Slick Rick, but Thicc’er for the Thicc Bois. An American stout with Tahitenis vanilla beans, Nicaraguan cacao nibs from French Broad Chocolates. Roasty notes of cocoa, bourbon, marshmallows and brownie mix. It’s dark and hefty, and different versions of this beer will be released periodically, including a raspberry version, a coffee version and some more surprises.


Razzle Ricc – Thicc Ricc + Raspberries

Stay-at-Home Ricc – Thicc Ricc + Malbec Grapes

Lil’ Ricc– Slimmed down Thicc Ricc

Archetype The Outlaw