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Uphill Gardener

Mixed-Culture Grisette • 4.46%

A Mixed-Culture Grisette. What exactly is a “grisette” you ask? It’s the light, crisp, farmhouse-style summer beer of your dreams. Traditionally, grisette beers were made for coal miners (or, “uphill gardeners”) to drink after long, dark days in the mines. These days, we can appreciate something crisp and flavorful even more after long days in the sun. Made with a special batch of Riverbend wind malt made just for us. The process mimicks old world methods of using wind to dry malt and halt germination. Notes of herby lemongrass, lillies, lemon-lime, and drops of citrus sunshine. Ringing in at just 4.5% abv, this is your all-day drinkin’ beer. Enjoy, friends.

Archetype The Everyman
Flavor Profile
Dry Hops