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What The Helles 2020

Helles • 5%

This medium bodied, malt forward, dry, crisp Helles (pronounced hell-ess,) is slightly nutty (just like 2020,) with low bitterness, and a subtle herbal spice. It’s bready, with notes of pecan sandies, biscuit, and slightly toasty sweet bread!
Helles, which simply means “bright” in German, is indeed a bright, malty beer that retains the crispness of a lager without the spicy hops found in a pilsner.
This delicious beer is pictured here with one of our favorite shirts of the year by none other than Asheville’s very own Moonlight Makers 🤣

Why is a beer inspired by such a nutty time as the first year of the Covid-19 Pandemic associated with The Ruler archetype? Well, as we learned more and more about The Ruler, we realized that if you read the below description and replaced the word Ruler with ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’ you’d find it remarkably fitting…

Archetypes play a significant role in how we understand ourselves and our place in society. Among these archetypes is The Ruler [covid-19 pandemic,] who seeks to create order in chaos and establish hierarchies that bring safety, security, and abundance to their people. However, the Ruler archetype [covid-19 pandemic] also has a shadow side that can lead to corruption, selfishness, and authoritarianism.

The Ruler archetype often emerges after a Hero returns from their journey and faces the challenge of balancing their personal needs with the needs of their community. If that doesn’t sound like the daily struggle of The Pandemic, let us know where you got to live in 2020.

For other examples of The Ruler archetype, think President Snow in the Hunger Games, Captain Hook in Peter Pan, Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, Mufasa in Lion King, and as stated before, The Covid-19 Pandemic.

Archetype The Ruler
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