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Charcuterie Boards and 2-Year Saison Release

191114_ARCH_Broadway-Charcuterie-13 copy

Big announcement for our downtown taproom! After 2 years in white wine French Oak, we’re finally releasing one of the first batches ever brewed at Archetype. It’s deliciously complex, and lightly funky, with delicate notes of oak, vanilla, wine, biscuit, and freshly baked shortbread. Similar to a wine, this beer deserves a great food pairing. On Saturday Nov 30, we’re releasing the 2-Year Saison at Archetype Broadway, along with our brand new, locally-made charcuterie boards.

On the day of the release, we’re celebrating the new munchies by offering a bottle of the 2-Year Saison and a charcuterie board for two, for $20 (regularly $28). After Nov 30, you’ll be able to purchase the charcuterie anytime to enjoy with your beer or wine. Come settle in and enjoy a great pairing any day of the week. Cheers!