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Pints with Professors: A Look At The 2020 Census

March 16, 2020 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

We know that 2020 is an exciting year in politics: we’ve had an impeachment trial, and the presidential primaries are underway, building up to the general election in November. But, 2020 is also a Census year, and while that doesn’t make the headlines as often as other political events, it is no less consequential (or controversial). At this event, Dr. Ashley Moraguez, Professor of Political Science at University of North Carolina – Asheville, will discuss how the Census affects our everyday lives, including everything from our representation in Congress to our healthcare, and the politics around this constitutional mandate. We will also cover what is (and is not) being done to get an accurate count here in Buncombe County and beyond.

Dr. Moraguez is presenting with UNCA undergraduates: Horace Vanderbilt, Devon Gill, and Leila Yow.

Our second presenter is Dr. Anne Jansen. Dr. Jansen, Assistant Professor of English, will read her creative nonfiction, which uses her own life experiences as a springboard for considering how we think and talk about race in the US today.