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Archetype Brewing’s West Asheville taproom hosts a month-long fundraiser to benefit two of the hardest hit small businesses in burglaries that targeted small businesses with graffiti, vandalism, and theft. 

Two popular, appropriately named beers from Archetype Brewing, for the entire month of February, will raise money; for Story Parlor  (Cowboy Poet, American Lager) and for Garden Party (Talking to Plants, Witbier). 

Story Parlor’s owner, Erin Hallagan Clare, said “The biggest emotions we’ve experienced out of all this, has been seeing the way the community has responded. We’re so surprised. We’re only in our ninth month of being open, and our business model is centered around supporting our community, and yet it has been the community supporting us through this hard time. Being that we’re so new, this attack had the capacity to take the rug out from under us, but thanks to all that support, it has not.”

Archetype’s Gaines Myer said, “I was devastated to hear the news that our neighbors on either side of the brewery were burglarized recently. Archetype Brewing is also a small independent family business and we can only imagine the heartbreak of an incident like this. We really wanted to find a way to offer support and help them recover some of their losses.”

Tarleton Walmsley, owner of Garden Party, said, “The outreach and support we’ve received from our community as a result of the burglary earlier in the month has been humbling. January for a small retail business is often pretty difficult as it is and starting our year off with a break in was obviously not part of our plans for the year ahead. It could’ve been way worse, and yet the impact is still felt when there are unexpected expenses we must take care of as a result. We feel really grateful for how people have shown up for us–from shopping with us, sending kind notes, leaving Google reviews, or dropping off a coffee to what Archetype has put together have made what was an otherwise stressful experience much more manageable.”

Garden Party, also located on Beacham’s Curve, celebrates your sunny days, green escapes and tiny rituals by selling all things dedicated to wellness, and soul stuff that makes you feel better. Story Parlor, located a few hundred feet down the hill from Archetype, is a cooperative arts space championing narrative artists of WNC through events, classes, community building and advocacy. 

From their websites 👇

Story Parlor

Located in West Asheville, Story Parlor serves as a home to the creative community by offering events and workshops that explore storytelling through all art disciplines, while also providing a collaborative space for folks to further bring alive their own artistic pursuits.

Our origin story dates back to 2015 in Austin, Texas, with the launch of Story Bar—a vagabond arts initiative with the mission of connecting artists and audiences through multi-disciplinary programming. After five years of showcasing the stories of poets, actors, musicians, writers, dancers, visual artists, and other performers, Story Bar’s chapter in Austin came to a close. In 2022, the organization rebranded as Story Parlor, opening its doors in Asheville with the continued goal of fostering creative exchange.

We are all creative, and we all have a story to tell, and Story Parlor exists to bridge these two universal truths together. Dedicated to cultivating an environment that nurtures expression, experience, and mindfulness, Story Parlor is unwavering in its investigation of identity, culture, and humanity.

Garden Party

Garden Party celebrates your sunny days, green escapes, and tiny rituals. All the cannabis-inclined, colorful mind, body, and soul stuff that makes us feel better. It’s a brand dedicated to classic meditations and new traditions. Garden Party is owned by Tarleton and Seth. Maybe you’ve met them in person and now you’re here. Or, maybe you’ve driven past the store in West Asheville and want to know more. Well, as absolutely no one has ever said in the history of words, puff puff baby, that’s called fate.
Like all thirty-somethings suffering from a case of joie de vivre and 18 years of retail experience, Tarleton wanted her own space. She mapped out all the things she loved (vision board vibes), like cats and blunts and wallpapered closets. She wanted to open a shop that supported everyday wellness, like CBD, but didn’t look like a traditional head shop. Tarleton pictured a place that felt like a living room. A conversation piece. A real life coffee table book. Tarleton always wanted to be featured in a coffee table book.
She quit her job, took a business class, and opened Garden Party in six months. But, in previous six months, something kinda big and something pretty romantic happened. (After she got a divorce and learned to love herself in a thousand new ways.) She met Seth. Seth was this excellent dude and excellent dad who dreamed of owning a sailboat. He was a guy who lived like he was born, always on the cusp of eureka! (springs, arkansas). They fell in love, business happened to be his background, and hemp was his trade.
They drew up the terms of endearment, they formed a partnership, they made it Asheville official. Garden Party was here.