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small batch takeover archetype

On Saturday, December 19th, the monthly Small Batch Takeover event at the downtown Tap Lounge + Venue provides customers the opportunity to taste one-off small batches from the brew-teams pilot system that could possibly prove worthy of future brewing at the Haywood Rd production facility.

Many small batches brewed by Erin and Nathan over at Haywood could feature a ‘core’ base recipe, like Archetype’s Original Blonde, with a twist as seen in the ‘Cranberry Blonde.’  Fruiting this staple Belgian with cranberries was inspired by the plentiful supply of cranberries this Fall. Likewise, Erin’s newest Haywood tap wall release, ‘Gypsy Queen Chocolate Milk Stout’, was hit with Asheville Tea Company’s Chocolate Habanero Chai tea to present a very unique flavor profile. Additional small batches to feature at Broadway could be other staff favorites – New England Pale Ale, a Brett Farmhouse experimental ale or a Kevik Wit; Talking To Plants’ grain bill fermented with an experimental yeast.

The mystery for the customer is, you never quite know when it will be, and you certainly don’t know exactly what you’ll be tasting. People do love to share their opinions however, and this is the platform for just that.

“The atmosphere on Broadway is conducive with something I highly recommend, not just drinking your beer, but really tasting it. Using all the senses while tasting is a crucial part of my job, and getting feedback from our customers helps me mindfully create what’s next on deck,” Erin Jordan, Head Brewer.

“Offering these Small Batch Takeovers exclusively at Broadway creates the opportunity for our biggest fans (or newbies to craft beer) to sit in a comfortable chair, in this sophisticated space, and be truly present with what their drinking. We never know quite when the batches will be ready, but we announce it monthly on social media as soon as we’re given the ‘thumbs up’ from Erin,” Renell Rawley, Taproom Manager.

“In a time where exploring individual passions is so appealing, this monthly offering can give customers something to look forward to no matter the circumstances,” Brad Casanova, Co-Founder.