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Archetype Confirms Expansion To South Slope


Asheville’s South Slope, a vibrant and lively neighborhood, known for a bustling food and drink scene, is about to get even more dynamic as Archetype Brewing expands with food at 39 Banks Ave.

Archetype Brewing confirms third location to open at 39 Banks Ave.

With its concentration of breweries, bars, distilleries, and restaurants, the South Slope has become a destination for foodies and beer enthusiasts alike. “Archetype is proud to now be part of this dynamic community, putting collaboration over competition, and offering an experience to remember,” says owner Brad Casanova.

In addition to the talented folks already spearheading Archetype’s strong reputation in WNC, the current team behind the expansion includes Archetype owners Brad and Corina Casanova along with their two young children, the kitchen’s Executive Chef Chris Burns, General Manager Donny Whitcomb, and even the visionary behind the buildings remarkable restoration, Jon Leu, inspiring the rooftop bar name which should bring about pleasant evocations for locals.

Donny Whitcomb poses with Talking To Plants Wit bier. He’s the Caregiver Archetype just like this special brew.

“Bleu Sky Bar,” along with the mezzanine and main level, will boast a full bar serving all of Archetype’s complex, mindful, living beers in addition to an expertly curated wine and cocktail menu. Notably the most spectacular experience of the rooftop is the view. The team intends to make the most of the stunning space with a variety of seating options, special events and even making it available as a venue; adding the offering to Archetype’s creative collection of private event spaces.

Bleu Sky Bar atop Archetype Brewing + Kitchen on Banks Ave

Archetype’s Executive Chef draws inspiration from his world travel; considering mindful menu offerings such as wood-fired pizza, Bavarian pretzels with Archetype beer cheese, a selection of nutritious vegetarian and gf grain bowls, smash burgers, Belgian waffles and even house made gelato. The food will be approachable with consciously sourced ingredients and as you’ve come to expect from Archetype Brewing, there will be something for every type. Even the kiddo’s get an elevated experience with traditional Belgian corn-flake crusted chicken breast tenders and a variety of nourishing sides to choose from.

“I believe food should be an experience. My parents are from Naples and Sicily. That’s where my love for food began; cooking their familial recipes in the kitchen at home. My interest turned into a passion when travel provided the opportunity to expand my palate,” says Christopher Burns, Executive Chef. He continues, “Archetype supports my plan to use only the freshest ingredients to create flavorful and vibrant dishes. I am passionate about creating memories for our guests and providing an unforgettable dining experience.” To learn more about Chris, you can find his video content on his YouTube page; Skill Ignite.

Executive Chef, Chris Burns poses in front of the Selfie Wall at Archetype’s OG location; Archetype West.

Archetype Brewing and Kitchen will open early June.  At the top of the list is a modestly-priced four course Lunch Tray inspired by the GM’s parents and his own travels. “Having a Belgian mother myself, the concept of cramming down a quick lunch at your desk is foreign to most Europeans. They place tremendous value on eating their food mindfully, slowly, and at a table. A typical lunch will include: an appetizer (une entrée), a main course, (le plat principal), a cheese course (from a local selection) and a sweet. We plan to draw from this inspiration and tailor Archetype’s lunch tray to our working locals whose culture doesn’t always celebrate a two hour lunch break. We also plan to create weekly rotating courses for the lunch tray that compliment the strong lineup of Belgian beers and European wines on the menu,” Donny Whitcomb, General Manager.

39 Banks Ave post-fire shell before renovation.

Donny also mentions that the hiring is in full swing for front and back of house team members. So, if folks are interested, they should visit our job webpage for details.

When asked about the ability to meet increased demand for the beer, Archetype’s head brewer Sean Felosa said, “This system was designed for capacity far beyond what it’s been used for before. As we grow, so will our Brew Team under my stewardship. The plan was always to scale Archetype’s production when the time was right. I’m confident we can continue to serve our loyal distribution customers and continue to meet the needs of our community.”

Corina Casanova says, “The kids played a role in the recipe development, and definitely inspired the creative names on the kids menu. We’ve all enjoyed being part of such a fun project.”

39 Banks Ave after visionary Jon Leu restored the abandoned shell.

Our Buzz Publication and Archetype’s social pages will be the best place to get all the juicy updates on the opening timeline.