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Archetype Brewing Sign with sun and blue skies

Archetype Brewing is excited to announce it has been selected as one of five North Carolina breweries for an intern diversity program entitled the Many Faces Initiative. According to Brad Casanova, brewery owner, diversity and inclusivity is at the heart of its business model. “Archetype’s brand is focused on accentuating and identifying the differences we all have, in who we are, where we come from and our individual tastes.  Our goal has been to make beer that can speak to and be enjoyed by every person across all archetypes.  Many Faces in itself resonates with this philosophy.  We celebrate our diversity and style, not just to seem cool, but because it’s part of our philosophy.  Archetype employs the only female head brewer in Asheville (maybe even WNC).  While our skin tones may not break any stereotypes, how we present ourselves promotes an inclusive environment.”

In July of 2020, Town Brewing released a West Coast IPA called “Many Faces” to raise funds to support the NC Brewers Guild Diversity Scholarship Program that provides travel, lodging, and conference expenses for people of color and women attending the NC Craft Brewers Conference.

In summer of 2021, Town will expand the Many Faces Initiative by launching a paid ten-week brewery internship program designed to provide mentorship and offer an immersive training experience to people of color interested in pursuing careers within the craft brewing industry. Town Brewing will host one intern at their Charlotte brewery. The Many Faces Initiative also selected four additional North Carolina breweries who are interested in participating in the Many Faces Initiative Internship Program from a large pool of applicants. The chosen breweries will receive grants designed to subsidize the cost of the internship program.

While these grants make participation in the Many Faces Internship more feasible for small craft breweries, there will still be significant buy-in and investment from Archetype Brewing as well. In addition to committing time to meaningful beer and brewing training, each brewery will release a beer developed by their intern, and all net proceeds from the beer releases will be donated to the Many Faces Initiative Fund to continue to grow the internship program in the years to come. Look for these “Many Faces” beer releases in late-summer/early-fall of 2021.

The intern at Archetype will rotate through different areas of brewery operations (brewing, sales, marketing, and taproom and event management). The intern will work on a capstone project for a deeper dive into a craft beer topic of their choosing during the internship and will also benefit from networking events and a guest speaker series.

The intern application period runs from March through April 9th. The Many Faces Internship Program will begin on May 24th at each participating brewery, lasting ten weeks.

Interested? Apply here.