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Pride Progress Flag Archetype

N0H8 beer series to be released soon. Donations to benefit local non-profits fighting equality, social justice, and to put an end to discrimination.

HATE HAS NO PLACE HERE: Last month, our Pride flag was ripped and stolen, and the flagpole was vandalized beyond repair. We have spent some time reflecting on how best to craft our response. We want to be very clear: hate of any kind has no place in either of our taprooms. We have replaced the flag and repaired the pole. And we will ALWAYS stand in solidarity with communities who are marginalized and discriminated against.
Words are one thing, actions are another. Archetype is committed to putting our actions and our money where our mouths are. This fall we will release a new brew series: N0H8. We plan to cycle through different styles, all under the same name. As long as this beer is on tap, in cans, or on merchandise, we plan to donate a percentage of every sale to local AVL organizations fighting the good fight for social and economic justice and equity in our community.

We are proud to have partnered with local Asheville artist, Holden Mesk, to have crafted a label and art design that we believe is hopeful, welcoming, and loving. Mesk says, “I really like our colorful Asheville community being represented here, and from my designer brain, this is really clean and I feel like this design is a lot stronger when kept simple like it is.
Keith Haring is a huge inspiration of mine, and his groovy characters are well known symbols of love, equality, peace, anti-hate, and pro-LGBTQ+ rights. I belive the subtle nod to Haring’s characters present in this can design will connect with a lot of folks.”
And just like our flag, we may get knocked down, but we are always going to get back up and fight for what we believe is right. Today and every day, we are committed to fighting hate with love, ignorance with knowledge, and to open up our arms, hearts, and minds, just a little wider.

Our Director of Marketing, Drew Fowler, says: “As a queer man, having someone attack our loving community hurt. I love that Archetype is willing to support all people with love and money. I’m grateful for this community and the good that can come from this not so good act.”