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Core Beers 101

2020_Archetype Brewing Asheville_ Carlos Maldonado Romero - 87

Since Archetype’s inception in the heart of the summer of 2017, we have worked to craft and curate some of Asheville’s tastiest brews. From lagers to saisons to dark bourbon barrel aged stouts, our repertoire is ever expanding as we continue to experiment and tinker with recipes and formulas to tickle your tastebuds. But, as our most loyal fans know, at the very heart of our West Asheville brewhouse on Beecham’s Curve is our timeless selection of Core Beers.

Our Core Beers are our most treasured, most tasted, most delightful brews that have (mostly) been around since our humble beginnings. These are beers that are almost always on tap and are frequently in cans with their own dedicated (award winning) artwork. You can be assured that you’re going to love a Core Beer, because we have staked our name and our reputation to them. These tasty brews are our calling card, our flagships- what the Archetype brand is all about.

What are our core beers and how do you get them?
We’ve made it super easy for Core Beer fan boys and fan girls to find them! If you want to dive deep into our Core Beer lore, check out our nationally celebrated website, click “Explore Our Beer,” and then use the filter option to select “Core Beers.” From there you can not only see pictures and names of our flagships, but you can also click on each one to take a closer look at the complex, mindful, living ideas behind each brew.

If you’re like us and your mouth is watering as you read this, it’s a good time to run and grab a Core Beer from one of our taprooms! When you walk into our West Asheville taproom and Downtown Tap Lounge, you’ll notice that some of our beer signage have green stars next to the name. Those stars let you know that beer is a Core Beer. Want to know a lil’ secret? Core Beers are only $4 on Monday’s at Archetype – West for “Pint Night” and Wednesday’s for “Local’s Night” at Archetype – North.

Whether you’re a long time fan or a first time visitor, Core Beers are always fresh, always on tap and always the right choice for any day of the week. Stop into one of our taprooms and see what all the buzz is about. We’ll be the ones behind the bar slinging beers and singing songs- we don’t have any fun at all!