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On July 10th, just in time for the peak of summer, Archetype revive’s nightlife with a dance party. From 8pm-12am at Archetype Brewing’s Tap Lounge + Venue at Five Points Broadway, we will celebrate joy, hope, and a new beginning. Through a unique mix of old school, hip-hop, pop, soul, disco, + more, DJ Scottie Styles will transform the tap lounge into America’s next best dance club. 

As we see a bright future near, Archetype wants to help bring the energy back that Asheville had once before. Great music, great dancing, great beer is the perfect combination getting the city back on its feet and shaking off last year’s struggle as we move through a triumphant 2021. Dancing is an expression with limitless styles, and so much liberty. Trained or not, it is an activity led by music to enjoy the moment we’re in. 

Earlier this summer, Archetype hired an intern, Metri Lyons, as a part of the Many Faces Initiative. Throughout the summer Metri is challenged to expand the atmosphere of Archetype and he’ll be adding his fun loving spirit as he takes the lead on organizing this dance party. 

“Being a dancer, I love the simplicity of it. Music, movement, and mindlessness. It isn’t about whose good, and who isn’t, but  adapting your body movement to the space created by the sound. You shouldn’t be thinking when dancing, because it’s no longer fun at that point. When you’re dancing, all of your problems are left off the dancefloor, and you get to escape.” says Metri.

Admission to the event is free of charge.

Come join us at our fivepointsbroadway location, and dance like nobody’s watching.