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N0 h8 n 828 - Print Mockup
N0H8 BEER + MERCH RELEASE: We are excited to announce that the first round of our N0H8 beer series is set to release at 5:30 PM, Wednesday, October 13th at our Archetype – West taproom.
During this release party, you will have the opportunity to try N0H8 Peach IPA for the first time, purchase N0H8 merchandise, learn more about our non-profit partner, Campaign for Southern Equality, and win different prizes including N0H8 merch and Archetype gift cards.
N0H8 was created following the vandalism and theft of our pride flag at the end of Pride month in 2021. After taking time to consider the response, we decided to respond with positivity and with a mission to give back to local organizations fighting against discrimination and for a better, more equitable world.
N0H8 is a rotational brew series all under the name N0H8 but with different variations of beer styles that fall under the name. Each batch is paired with a local Asheville non-profit fighting for equality, equity, and social justice. Archetype plans to donate a percentage of every beer and merchandise sale to the paired non-profit.
We are stoked to partner with The Campaign for Southern Equality for our first round of N0H8. The Campaign for Southern Equality, works to build a South where LGBTQ people are equal in every sphere of life. More information can be found at
And we know y’all are excited af about this merch line, and we think that’s really kewl. Want a sneak peak at what’s coming? Check it out in these photos 👀.
All of our N0H8 merch comes with no Archetype branding. We think this is important. N0H8 is about something bigger than beer, something bigger than us. Whether you buy beer or merch or all the things, we are grateful for your support in fighting hate with love.
We are also grateful for the support of Holden Mesk for the artwork and Ink Pushers Screenprinting who have partnered with us on this endeavor through their “People Not Profits” program. This partnership ensures that more money goes back to the organizations we are supporting!
Read 👉more👈 about N0H8.
We are thrilled about this new journey, and we hope you’ll join us! ❤️❤️❤️