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N0H8 + Blue Note Junction Project

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In 2020, Archetype Brewing staff made a community ‘N0H8’ pledge (in the #828), which strives towards:

  • Gaining awareness, educating ourselves.
  • Actively participating, not enabling ‘innocent bystander’ mentality.
  • Respecting individual dignity with compassion.
  • Knowing that we can make a difference, in the effort of spreading the message of N0H8.

We wanted to become more aware of local barriers, fight for fair legislation, to be involved within communities, and empower one another really. After our West location had been subject to vandalism, we made it a mission to attempt to hear every story. To spread love, and ultimately stand against hate; firmly #N0H8.

We’re thrilled to be able to participate with the ‘Blue Note Junction Project, which works under the umbrella of Hood Huggers + Peace Gardens & Market, and Asheville Creative Arts.  This project (aimed to completed by 2026) entails a 1.5 acre property in the Burton St. community, with an amazing collaborative effort that has inspired an innovative, one of a kind, cultural & BIPOC business hub to be created.

It’s the 1st community owned commercial real estate project in Asheville and here are some of the things it will include over the remaining three-year project:

  • cultural center & business hub
  • commercial kitchen
  • co-working space
  • neighborhood retreat & spa
  • event venue
  • buy-local retail space and market.

This all-inclusive space incorporates business & entrepreneurial development at every level, with a commitment to reinvest profits back into BIPOC endeavors throughout the Asheville region. Thanks to all those for supporting the cause and belief that we can all participate and lift our communities up in unbelievable ways, learning to grow in ways that benefit our communities.

So, we at Archetype will release a new beer in honor of the project; a N0H8 ‘Appalachian Lager’  in the N0H8 series, raising money for the BNJ project’s financial goals.

This tasty AF brew is due out 9/27 for purchase, at the Archetype West & South Slope Taprooms. The Lager has a little more character than your classic lager. Mildly spiced, with an herbal hop presence, with a balanced grainy sweetness. Think crisp, refreshing, balanced.

Head over to the Blue Note Junction website to learn more here: Blue Note Junction – community health and business incubator

And head into the taproom to drink another great beer by yours truly, while you support the cause and the community all at the same time.  See you soon!