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Timely Surrender

Mixed-Culture Saison • 6%

A mixed-culture saison made with 100% North Carolina Riverbend Malt House grains, for those who appreciate complexity without sacrificing drinkability. Everything about this beer was deliberate; from using local malts, to bending the Brettanomyces and saison yeasts to our will. Strong fruity grapefruit zest, mixed spice, and dry-hopped to perfection, it’s Earthy, floral, and bone dry. This here is a saison for drinking, not sipping. Timely Surrender is in our year-round production cycle, but because of the unpredictable nature of Brett yeast, it’s done when it’s done.

Our head brewer, wrote this recipe sitting on a beach, when all he wanted was a crisp, cold, grapefruit beer. Named for Emanuel Wynn, the French pirate who pillaged the coast of North Carolina and the West Indies under the Jolly Roger flag that flies from the corner of our brewery. Only by a “timely surrender” could his prey evade death.

Named ‘best saison in the world’ by Beer Connoisseur Magazine.

Archetype The Hero