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Broadway Venue Reserved: Love Is Not Cancelled

Kat W

Just as the Asheville muralist Ian Wilkinson painted, “Love is not Cancelled.”



Being blessed with such a large, fresh-air flowing space, the Archetype Tap Lounge and Venue on Broadway St has been able to avoid the ‘cancel culture’ and offer modified, small gatherings to those locals and out-of-towners still hoping to ‘tie the knot’ this year. With an entire team now experienced in politely enforcing social distancing, mask wearing and sanitation – Carrie-Ann, the Private Events Manager for Archetype Brewing, feels supported in honoring commitments to the weddings and other special events booked at the beautiful downtown venue space. Whichismore, having the opportunity to accept new bookings as well.

“People are ready to get back to celebrating love, family and being together. Love is not cancelled. They’re looking for a space to do this safely and I’m thrilled we can provide that. Our staff have been wonderful in supporting our private events and their guests and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to witness such loving and carefully curated events here at the Tap Lounge,” said Carrie-Ann.

Restrictions and other company specific policies apply too, of course. Such as closing the Tap Lounge whenever a private event is booked. “This was a hard policy to write” says Brad Casanova, co-founder of Archetype Brewing. “My primary concern has always been for the health and wellness of our team, but of course without opening and allowing our business to function in some capacity, we have no business at all,” adds Casanova. “We have found that closing the Tap Lounge to the public, during a private event of any size, is certainly a departure from the ideal business model – whereas before the Pandemic we could offer private events during open hours – but separating groups of people who would likely never otherwise be exposed to one another is the best way we can stay true to our company pledge and to the NC Beer Pledge.”

Wedding Venue Reservations at Archetype Broadway
Gabrielle von Heyking


Archetype Brewing adopted this company pledge (below) before re-opening their doors during Phase II. Later, the NC Beer Pledge was released which every NC brewery was encouraged to adopt as well. The brewing industry, especially in Asheville, has proven that being out in public can be done safely and responsibly. “Closing the Tap Lounge to the public, during a very small private event, for example, only 30 people, is a challenge on the business and the team members beertending the event. Opening The Tap Lounge to the public during a private event in The Venue, and serving more customers throughout the night, would certainly be more economically attractive, but as a company we put our pledge first,” Said Carrie-Ann.

Chelsea Lane Photography

“Thank you for coming when we’re open, and thank you for understanding when we decide to close. We’ve appreciated our growing fanbase this year more than ever, and we hate to inconvenience someone stopping by for a pint, a glass of wine, or a charcuterie board, only to see the “closed for private event” sign at the door. We’re grateful to point them in the direction of Haywood, our West Asheville ‘O.G.’ location, and serve them at the Tap Lounge the next day,” Added Casanova.

Love is not Cancelled is one beautiful mural, of many, by Ian Wilkinson. Ian also painted the mural that now adorns the wall of the Tap Lounge downtown. An additional Wilkinson mural is in the works for the brewery in the months to come. To view more of Ian’s work, follow him on Ig.

Ian Wilkinson

Main image photo credit: Kat W