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Thanksgiving at Archetype: Reserve Now

Archetype Brewings Haywood (pictured) taproom is available for Thanksgiving Day, along with the downtown Tap Lounge + Venue


In order to stay true to Archetype’s Company Pledge, and the statewide NC Beer pledge, Archetype regrets the decision not to host their famed annual Thanksgiving Potluck this year. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t extend some reach to their community similarly to years past.  If your large family still wishes to gather this Thanksgiving, the Archetype team is committed to offering a safer alternative to your own dining room.   

Do you all want to be together, but no one has a dining room big enough to remain properly distanced? With two time blocks offered per taproom, a single family can now reserve Haywood or Broadway exclusively to themselves; along with one beertender, a built in bar-tab, and a customized mindful seating layout on Thanksgiving Day. You bring the food, Archetype exclusively provides the beverages.

For rates and other carefully curated options to fit your unique family needs, please email [email protected]. Let Archetype know how many people in your family, how many per household/pod, and what time slot you’d prefer (11-3 or 4:30-8:30). The team looks forward to being able to continue their tradition of spreading the love and joy on Thanksgiving Day with this wonderful community.  Rates and covid-related restrictions apply.