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If You Think You Can, you CAN.

Archetype Brewing Can Apprication Day


There are some 1,500+ “National Days” inspiring a pause to #CelebrateEveryDay. In case you’re not one of those crazy people who enjoys doing math like that in your head, we’ll spare you the anguish. That equates to an average of four National Days per calendar day. Despite our obvious urge to poke fun at this, we instead chose to be inspired. We took a little walk down our own memory lane inspired by todays’ National Beer Can Appreciation Day.

#BeerCanAppreciationDay celebrates the first time Krueger Brewing Company of Richmond, Virginia received their first shipment of steel cans in 1935, a gamble given it was just weeks before the repeal of Prohibition. It was just a short 82 years later that Archetype Brewing first released our iconic cans!

We first renounced our to-go beer v-card with the classic growler on November 19th, 2017. It wasn’t until the celebrated first canning run of September 19th, 2018 that Archetype released three Core Beers in attention grabbing cans on September 21st; Cowboy Poet American Lite Lager, Explorer IPA, and Talking to Plants Wit. Art enthusiasts and beer fans alike went on a Googling frenzy for our favorite designer, Sean Jones of @HumidDaze for all the surreal, ethereal can art he’d created. Including the much appreciated kudos from October Magazine and Hop Culture, the humbling attention just keeps rolling in. Most recently, Cowboy Poet’s label won USA Today’s  Readers Choice 10 Best!

Since we joined the fan club of Adolph Coors – the legend behind Coors, bringer of the common, recyclable aluminum can to the market in 1959, Archetype has canned and released more fan favorites; Unruly Mystic Coffee Porter, Shoulder Devil Double IPA, Cue The Sun IPA, Lunar Effect Hazy IPA, Original Blonde Belgian Blonde, and Wills Dream Hazy Pale. Perhaps one of the best things to come out of the beer can since then; thanks to the bomb-diggity collab with some of Asheville’s finest, the release of Stay Home IPA at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic saw a contribution of over $12,500 to the service workers of Asheville through the New Belgium Bar and Restaurant Relief Fund.

Our quirky group of team members rises to the monthly challenge; to make light of #trending conversations with the witty message on the bottom of every can we fill. Which one was your favorite? Among the many, “TAKE A HIKE,” “AIR HUG YOUR MOM,” or most recently favorited; “DRINK, MASK, REPEAT” are tagged, tweeted, posted and shared to spread the smiles – just as we intended. Plus, our resident sales-rep-turned-entrepreneur Michele pays tribute to the Three R’s by upcycling cans into CAN-dles with Blaze On Creations, available for sale in both taprooms.


So, beer can, we salute you! As taproom capacity is limited and to-go beer becomes evermore desired, may we never take for granted your place in the world, and in our hearts.