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Our Top Beers of 2020

2020_Archetype Brewing Asheville_ Carlos Maldonado Romero - 87

Inspired by Spotify’s music rewind, we brought together the most consumed beers at Archetype  during 2020. 

COWBOY POET, American Lite Lager 4.8%. A well-balanced, light-bodied, and refreshingly crisp corn lager. It drinks easy and finishes clean. Cowboy’s killer art work by Sean Jones @humiddaze has been awarded Best Beer Label of 2020 by USA Today and October Magazine called it ‘The lager for everyone.” Cowboy Poet is inspired by the Everyman archetype.

COMMITMENT PHOBIA, Session IPA 5.5%. A wide range of flavor from fruity grapefruit and papaya mix with delicious black pepper and dried chili spice to make a beer that will entertain your pallet all day. Commitment Phobia is inspired by the Lover archetype.

THE SAGE, Belgian Strong Ale 12.4%. Big berry bouquet of cranberry, tart cherry, and blueberry mix with notes of figs, raisins, caramelized sugars, and Belgian candi syrup. Among many accolades, The Sage was featured on the cover of Beer Connoisseur Magazine, and won Best in Show at the 2018 NC Brewers Cup.

ORIGINAL BLONDE, Belgian Blonde 6.33%. An array of white wine, golden figs, and floral notes showcases our house yeast strain. A soft boozy and grainy finish adds to the complexity of the beer, and it’s bright effervescence makes it a house favorite. Inspired by The Innocent archetype.

Of the beers released for the first time, in 2020, these made your top four…

SNEAKY SNACKS, Pilsner 4.5%. This crisp “Bohemian Pilsner” is grainy, with notes of fresh bread, Lemon, and earthy hop flavor.

WHAT THE HELLES 2020, Helles 5%. This medium bodied, malt forward, dry, crisp Helles is slightly nutty (just like this year,) with low bitterness, and a subtle herbal spice.

WALK THE EARTH NO. 5, Barrel Aged Saison 9.2%. The fifth version of this series of freshly-aged experimental saisons. No. 5 reminds us of juicy peaches, summer cobbler, and bright acidity. Winner of the Strong Ale category at the NC Brewers Cup this year.