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AVL jazz workshop
NEW EVENT, EVERY THURSDAY: The Asheville Jazz Workshop’s live jam sessions happen every Thursday evening at 7pm at
Archetype – North in Five Points Broadway.

The Asheville Jazz Workshop

Dedicated to the development of jazz and improvised music, for students and professionals. Created to provide a performance forum to explore the art of improvisation.
So what is a Workshop Session?
In today’s world, modern jam sessions have unfortunately become immediate and permanent public internet performances because audience members live stream or post video to social media, giving the performers no say as to the broadcast quality of their experimentations. This has created an environment of reticent participation, with risk-taking and invovation stiffled because the artists are forced to perform as if every night was a career make/break event.
A workshop, by contrast, is a unique partnership between performers and audience. This partnership creates a public environment akin to private after-hours sessions of old where musicians could work out new improvisational material in a relaxed, non-pressured environment encouraged by peers and listener enthusiants.
How will the Workshop differ from other jam sessions?
For performers:
  • Session participants choose from set songs (as noted to the right!), preparing improvisational ideas each week for specific material.
  • No lead sheets allowed! (Chord charts are allowed for the rhythm section)
  • The focus is on the music, not performing for an audience.
  • Presentation is secondary to experimentation and improvisatory group interaction.
  • Vocalists should be prepared to improvise as a interactive melodic instrument, and will not function as front-person lyricists.
For audience members:
  • There will be absolutely no video or audio recording/live streaming allowed by any audience member (or performer) at any time, no exceptions!
  • The performers must be given the freedom to fail while reaching for new expressive articulations. Help us create this environment by refraining from any recordation.
  • An enthusiastic, live, listening audience has been the catalyst for improvised music for decades. We welcome your in-person listening energy! Enjoy the moment!!!
Recording for performers:
  • The Workshop will video and audio record all performances, and performers may request clips of themselves for practice review purposes (not publication).
  • Workshop clips may be published, only if unanimously agreed upon by clip participants.
This is free and open to the public for live listening and with plenty of parking behind the building, this is going to be YUUUGE.
See you Thursday at 7 at Archetype – North. Doors open at 6:30 PM.

More information can be found by clicking here