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The N0H8 campaign was born out of an act of hate had occurred at Archetype West. We responded by making a pledge to spread the word of N0H8, by brewing a series of beers, that benefits area nonprofit and small businesses while assisting to spread the word of the great cause that each organization was striving to address. 

Each time we plan a new release of N0H8 beer, we work with a different community partner to raise funds and awareness for the work they do in the opposition of hate and uplifting those who become targets of discrimination.

The N0H8 in 828 Pledge

As the N0H8 Initiative grows, so does our awareness and our hearts. Check out some of the beer releases below, since its inception.

N0H8 Peach IPA benefitting the Campaign For Southern Equality

N0H8 Saison benefitting Ukraine through the World Central Kitchen

N0H8 Appalachian Lager benefitting Blue Note Junction through Hood Huggers Int’l


All of our N0H8 merch comes without any Archetype branding. We think this is important. N0H8 is about something bigger than beer, something bigger than Archetype Brewing. Whether you purchase beer or merch or just decide to give generously to the cause, we are grateful for your assistance in supporting the abolition of hate, with love.