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Core and Seasonals Below

Get ‘em in 1/6 barrel, 1/2 barrel, cans and/or bottles.

Label for Commitment Phobia
Session IPA
IBU: 40%

Flavorful, sessionable and crisp, this Lover is a draft favorite time and time again. Thank goodness this IPA doesn’t shy away from its commitment to always be available in every taproom.

From the brewers: “A bright, crisp session beer that brings plenty of flavor without the heaviness or booze. A wide range of flavor from fruity grapefruit and papaya mix with delicious black pepper and dried chilli spice to make a beer that will entertain your pallet all day.”

The only core beer we’ve never canned…because, well, we just can’t commit to a haiku.


Label for Cowboy Poet
American Lite Lager
IBU: 15%

Crisp, fresh, and crushable, this super approachable corn lager is aptly inspired by The Everyman archetype. If you’re new to craft beer, or just like a simple, classic, well made lager this is a beer fit for every type. Cowboy is well-balanced, light-bodied, and refreshingly crisp.

From the brewers: “It’s got light floral and noble hop presence with secondary notes of lemon. Cowboy drinks easy and finishes clean.”

Label for Talking to Plants
Belgian-Style Witbier
IBU: 15%

What’s more fitting for The Caregiver archetype than paying respect to the plant lovers of age – who take such care of their plants that talking to them is perfectly reasonable.

Talking To Plants is our interpretation of a Belgian Wit. We use the traditional bitter orange peel and coriander, then pair it with an additional spice blend.

From the brewers: “Notes of bread crust, ginger, and citrus make for a bright and refreshing summer beer.”

Named “Best Wheat Beer” at the 2022 World Beer Competition.

Label for Original Blonde
Belgian Blonde
IBU: 25%
Like its archetype, The Innocent, a few sips of this easy drinking clean Belgian blonde transports you to a child-like state of mind, taking in the beauty around you free of inhibitions.  It certainly reminds the A-Team of the fearless ambition we all felt on the day we first opened our doors because, this is the first beer we ever made. It’s a classic showcase of a Belgian Blonde and our in-house Belgian yeast strain we call “Uncle G.”
From the brewers: “classic Belgian flavors..phenols (spice), mild esters, slight underripe banana. Very clean and easy to drink. An array of white wine, golden figs, and floral notes showcases our house yeast strain. A soft boozy and grainy finish adds to the complexity of the beer, and it’s bright effervescence makes it a house favorite.”
It’s won a silver medal in 2022 for a Belgian ale. And a bronze same category in another competition the same year.

Uncle-G shines in this classic representation of a Belgian Ale. True to it’s form is the medium-high carbonation keeping this beer bright, clean, and refreshing. A slightly sweet malt character is the foundation to its mild esters and phenol spice complemented by notes of fruit (slight underripe banana).

As one of our ‘Core Beers’ you can always expect this to be available in all three of our taprooms, and around the region! We also can Original Blonde seasonally using the beautiful artwork created by Holden Mesk.

Label for Unruly Mystic
Coffee Porter
IBU: 20%

Our porter blended with Last Dance cold brew coffee. Notes of freshly baked bread, semisweet chocolate, and light roasted malt meld with subtleties of caramel, plum, raisin, and pumpernickel bread. Smooth, refreshing and very drinkable.

Awarded a Double Gold at the Tasting Alliance’s World Beer Competition.

Label for Blue Collar Wizard
Irish Dry Stout
IBU: 20%

As part of our rotating nitro offerings, Blue Collar Wizard dry stout will always return each year in the Spring and stick around until early to mid summer when Globe Trotter or Buckingham Malice make their royal entrance.

Like its Archetype; The Everyman, this no frills, no fuss straight forward pub stout served on Nitrogen is a perfect way to end the working day when your hands are dirty and your body is tired. It’s low ABV makes it sessionable. When one pub pint of this smooth velvety stout just doesn’t quite wash away the day the way you’d hoped, it’s quite alright to drink like the Irish with this one.

From the Brew Team: Strong chocolate, tobacco and dark fruit (plum, fig) flavors are followed by roasted notes of earthy stone fruit and coffee. Smooth, with a malty backbone and a dry finish.



Label for Shoulder Devil
Double IPA
IBU: 72%

Strong peach and apricot notes with nuances of berries, cantaloupe, and citrus. Mild malt backbone balances and compliments the lovely hop presence for a full-bodied, bold IPA

Label for Harrison Fjord

Who doesn’t love a good beef cake? Whether you’re a fan of Indiana Jones or Han Solo, this brew is perfect for whatever floats your fjord.

Harrison Fjord is a Norwegian Pale coming in at 5% ABV with notes of dried apricot and tropical fruit. This brew is light bodied and, just like its namesake, it’s super smooth.

For some giggles, check out the promo video here.

Label for Thicc Ricc
American Stout with Vanilla and Cacao NIbs
IBU: 55%

Introducing: Thicc Ricc, like Slick Rick, but Thicc’er for the Thicc Bois. An American stout with Tahitenis vanilla beans, Nicaraguan cacao nibs from French Broad Chocolates. Roasty notes of cocoa, bourbon, marshmallows and brownie mix. It’s dark and hefty, and different versions of this beer will be released periodically, including a raspberry version, a coffee version and some more surprises.


Razzle Ricc – Thicc Ricc + Raspberries

Stay-at-Home Ricc – Thicc Ricc + Malbec Grapes

Lil’ Ricc– Slimmed down Thicc Ricc

Label for Hypnotic Reverie
Hazy Pale Ale
IBU: 30%

Who doesn’t like getting lost and hypnotized by their daydreams?? Notes of tangerine, stone fruit + apricot, ripe pineapple, orange marshmallow fluff, citrus zest/pith, tropical fruit, subtle pine, bready/cracker malt profile, honey drizzled cracker with subtle apricot preserve, quenching, crushable. YUM.

Label for Cue The Sun
West Coast IPA
IBU: 65%

A fresh, hoppy IPA with notes of bold citrus, delicious juicy apricot, and classic west coast grapefruit and pine. Someone once called it, “a regular-ass, good IPA”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Label for Will’s Dream
Hazy Pale Ale

This is a very special beer, brewed by our smiley-est bartender, Will Sargent! The plans for this beer’s release were derailed by it-who-must-not-be-named, so this is a pre-release until we can celebrate this delicious brew properly.⁠ Big fruity notes of juicy stone fruit, with notes of papaya, guava, and coconut. Some might even call it a “peach-bomb” 🍑💣. Light bodied, a dash of breadiness, with a dry, clean finish. Cans only right now, draft coming soon.

When enjoying this beer in the can, be sure to scan the QR code on the label. That will take you to the very entertaining video explaining how this beer came to be made and so named.


V Anniversary Saison

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